Country Glam Goes Bang~ That's Love Right Here and at Home in Texas

This chick is hooting-tooting her way into my heart with this Country Glamorous Style. Teaming denim with white ruffles and lace sleeves, she shares how she put it together,

“I've been a Texas girl all my life and love the country but I love to dress up and be glamorous at times as well. I like to mix it up. I decided to bring the 2 together to make my style. I'm the type that I don't mind getting dirty but I will have my make up on doing it haha” Caran Brouillette tells me.

Being Countryside based wedding planners here in Somerset UK Taunton Weddings were keen to know just two more things. Firstly what music did you play; here’s what Caran said, “ My best friends son played his guitar and sang Feet don't touch the Ground by Stoney Larue for my entrance song and we did our first dance to the song Speechless by Dan + Shay

Secondly did h2b know what you were going to wear? “The Texas weather in the summer is hot and since the lace jacket was making it hotter I chose to put my thin denim shirt over the dress and tie it and loved the look it gave. Just fits my personality and was cooler and more comfortable. It was a total surprise for my h2b. He didn't have any idea until they opened the doors”.

And he wore jeans and a waistcoat!! IT IS INSANE how perfect these guys look together- We also love the bright, fresh, summer colours too, thank you Caran and we wish you all the very very best, mwah!

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