Feeling Like You May Have to Deal With a Disappointing Wedding Supplier?

In my experience we all have many different ways of communicating and of believing we are being understood.

Don't pay a deposit until you have seen some style development work, it's not just about the supplier being available for you on the day.

Do take the extra time to meet up with your suppliers and show them images of what you like or things which are similar, this should save you from the disappointment of receiving an unwanted purchase for your big day.

Don't rely on a thorough telephone conversation and a good feeling.

Do ask for revisions and have the awkward conversations when you are not happy with what the supplier is doing, and if you feel like a Bridezilla, get a wedding planner that is what we are here for.

Checking the internet for synonyms today there are many different words for 'full' if this is the style you are going for. Widen your vocabulary before the conversation so you feel more confident with it; overflowing, brimming, packed, stuffed, chock-a-block, bursting, crammed, loaded, entire, extensive, abundant, plentiful, ample, copious, profuse, rich, lavish, unabridged......you can do it!

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