So you feel like taking the plunge? Why Marriage isn't dead in 2020

When I am in charge of all laws which will be like never, and if I knew the purpose of marriage was the same for everyone I would definitely recommend the motion be passed.

Having been married for three months now to the man across the road, I can safely say my life has only changed for the better.

Now living with someone is for the bold and beautiful and not living together is for the massive and gorgeous. Being an independent woman earning my own income as a teacher as well as running Taunton Weddings, we could join forces and provide even more, but it will be our choice not a precluded time honored assumption.

I am not the most off the scale person, I'm pretty average when it comes to rebelliousness. My husband is the same. We married each other because we love each other, and love to both of us is that marrying is the same thing as not marrying, and now we can put a label on it. We are proud to have a husband and wife respectively. Pride in ourselves and our relationship, we not ashamed to be proud. We not humble in our love, we are real people. We are people, people.

We opted for the simple words at our wedding, but that is not what we got. I swear she saw something else on the information sheet we filled in and gave us the super long version. I consider this our first wedding present. A sign, an encouragement from the people, saying its ok. It's ok to be married, it's ok to love each other and tell the world you deserve it.

So if you feel that any of this makes sense to you, the simple love, the pride and the label then don't be scared, look after each other, but I guess you already are.

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