The Real Reasons Today's Bride Chooses a Wedding Planner

So many of us make our buying decisions on what we 'need' rather than what we would 'like'. You need lunch if you are to maintain energy levels today for example, but what you would like is a far more satisfying goal, so do you deserve it? If you don't like the word money or are easily offended just don't read on, as this is going to get tricky.

1. You may not feel you need a planner but you would like one- and this is OK! Do you want to know after you get married that your wedding looked absolutely fabulous as your wedding planner discovered and supported you in your heart's desires, or that it wasn't quite up to the mark. This is because you didn't realise how much those suppliers would charge and you wish you had the ice sculpture after all.

2. Yes of course there is a limit you have a honeymoon to plan for after all! Your wedding planner can make your day spectacular still, as she or he will have a professional head on when it comes to making artistic choices. Where is the soul in the wedding purchase list, where each item is ticked off by every bride that just ought to have that 'postbox' 'birdcage' etc at the moment?

3. You wouldn't like to have a lot of involvement from other people. Some brides just made it completely off their own backs to this point in their careers, and having an assistant to help organise is right up their street. A wedding planner is not a guest after all they are an expert in their field that you can hire to make you look even better.

4. You are getting married far from home. It is virtually impossible to plan a wedding over the phone, and if your wedding planner is a good one she/he will be prepared to travel anywhere. Be it a destination wedding or a holiday getaway spot your adore, a local planner will be best placed to find suppliers that won't charge the earth in delivery costs.

5. You just want to tell your friends you have a wedding planner. Bragging to friends you have professional assistance is a brilliant way to impress. If you did your own manicure this week and did a great job, fantastic you saved some money and you have skills, and deserve a pat on the back. However if you went to the salon on Saturday and let some else do an excellent job with their special tools, materials and experience you learn why it's worth paying for it and you 'like' the result rather than 'deserve praise'.

6. When you say I do, make sure it is I do and not 'we do'. So you plan on spending almost all your free time making joint decisions with the one person they love more than anything in the world. You are proud of this mature position, but don't over do it. Successful marriages take compromise. Don't be too shy to say it's my decision this time, after all respect for others starts with self respect and standing up for your self. That is a great way to start married life.

Bride in Leather Jacket Leaving Bristol

7. Lucky number seven; you just don't have the planning, time or artistic skills required. Besides the wedding is huge and it's far too stressful. If you are willing to break the serenity you have upheld so far in your relationship you don't want him waking up to Mrs-to-be

stress -head, save the baby days for that little pleasure, and it won't be a wedding planner saving your bacon then, it will be Mary Poppins.